Written by: Okvina Nur Alvita, Febi Damiko, Hidayat Syarifuddin


Globalization era has brought various changes in growth of the world these days. The changes cover various areas; one of them is in the field of economics. Economic growth walk as according to epoch growth, Alvin Toffler in Simatupang (2007) mentioning that civilization of human being consisted of three wave: agriculture era, industrial era, and the information era. President of Republic of Indonesia have a notion that the fourth wave of civilization is creative economy era as continuation from economic wave of information. Furthermore, President also expresses that creative economics as the fourth wave of economics era, orienting at creativity, cultural, and also the cultural heritage and the environment. Creative economic is the economics era that place creativity, and innovate as a motor of economic activator.

Indonesia as agricultural country faces a challenge to survive in the era of newly economics. Considering agricultural economy represent economics of first wave in this world, but the agriculture represent Indonesian nation spirit. Conscious of this fact, we required the effective way to prepare creative human in Indonesia who not only able to compete in this newly era but also have a spirit of Indonesian nation as agricultural state.

Preparing Indonesian people who not only creative, but also have spirit of Indonesian nation as agricultural state can be gone through by education. Education that proven the effective way to develop children’s creativity is by applying method of holistic education base on character (Hastuti, 2006). In her dissertation, Hastuti (2006) mentioning that children who get method of holistic education base on character has higher level of creativity than children which don’t get method of this education.

Creativity which has been builded since in the elementary school can bear creative individuals in the future. And of course the creativity owned by each the individual can used to develop Indonesia as agricultural state.


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