Alltech’s Young Scientist Award 2009

What is the Young Scientist Award?
The Young Scientist Award program was created by Alltech, further emphasizing the company’s commitment to science and education. Alltech has created the competition in conjunction with animal and dairy science departments at various universities throughout the world in order to promote research and talent development. The program provides a unique opportunity for students to interact with one of the industry’s leading players in the animal feed industry and is divided into two phases, regional and international, for both undergraduate and graduate students.
Alltech invites students to participate in the regional phase of the program which begins in the fall semester of the school year. Participating students must submit a paper chosen from a list of topics relating to natural solutions to animal health challenges. The winners of the regional phase can progress to the international phase, where each candidate is asked to submit a scientific poster and a presentation to a panel of judges. The international competition will be held at Alltech’s Global Headquarters in Kentucky during Alltech’s 25th International Animal Health and Nutrition Industry Symposium, which will take place May 17-20, 2009.
The winners of the undergraduate and graduate Young Scientist Awards will receive a scholarship of $5,000 USD and $10,000 USD respectively, as well as a trophy of recognition.

Interested in participating in Alltech’s Young Scientist Award 2009???

How to Participate
To participate, students must write a scientific paper based on a topic involving Alltech’s animal feed technologies. Topics will be provided by Alltech and published on our website. Undergraduate students’ papers must be 3000 words in length and graduate students’ papers must be 5000 words in length. The program will include two phases, and the winners from the regional phase will move on to the final international phase. In the first phase, papers in languages other than English will be accepted. In the second phase, we will help the students to have their work translated into English if necessary.
Who can participate?
There are two (2) different levels of participation: Undergraduate and Graduate.
Ready to register?
If you are ready to register, please click on the Register Now! button to the right.
Please note, you do not have to submit a paper as part of this initial registration process. The deadline for submitting your paper is a later date. Instructions on submitting your paper will be available following registration.

for more informatino please visit


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