Indonesian Future Leaders Open Recruitment Result

SSsetelah ditunggu (tapi ga ditunggu- tunggu sch…hehehe), akhirnya keluar juga pengumumannya. Ini berarti satu amanah lagi bertambah. Mudah- mudah bisa kulakukan sebaik- baiknya dan pastinya dapat memberikan yg terbaik untuk bangsa ini.


Greetings, Future Leaders;

Some of you might find it hard to wait for this announcement, and some of you might even have been checking this web very frequently to see your name on the list, so, here it is, the awaited:

Indonesian Future Leaders

Open Recruitment Result

Now what are you waiting for? Start your search by pressing ‘ctrl+f’, insert your name (or registration number), click ‘find’ and cross your finger! Do you find your name under the division you wanted?


· Arnoldi Ruzuar (Funding and Charity)| 103A

· Samia (Campus leader – ITB) |

· Lusia Novita Sari (Funding and Charity) | 109A

· Reininta Sylfania (School leader) | 106B

· Karina Nurherbyanti (Funding and Charity)| 109B

· Fatya Junissa Azlika (Coordinator of Funding and Charity) | 309A

· Maulana Muhammad (Funding and Charity)| 202B

· Azhar Lageranna (Accountant)


· Jessica Angkasa (Public Relations)| 202A

· Risca Andanila (Public Relations) | 310A

· Ilham Maulana (Partnership)| 312A

· Priyanka Setiorini (Partnership) | 210A

· Harumi Sudrajat (Head Coordinator of Partnership)| 304B

· Widiani Putri (Public Relations)| 305A

Research & Development

· Randa Sylvanio ( Head Coordinator of R&D) | 303A

· Hidayat Syarifuddin (R&D)| 101B

· Nadira Irdiana (R&D)| 205B

· Jaka Mahendra

· Pravityo Yuliandika

· Adlini Ghaisany Sjah (R&D) | 111A

· Muhammad Ahlul Amri Buana

· Shabrina Virta Inmas


Syanadia Andriani (Photographer) | 107A

Roby Abdillah (Graphic Designer)| 102B

Fauzi Ramadhan (Graphic Designer)

Rizki Yuniarini (Program) |

Sri Mulyati (Program)| 201B


Harits Fadillah (Technical)| 211A

Fadli Walfianda (Technical) |


Kezia Natasha Lim | 307B

Syaila Rizal | 203A

Mohamad Nurreza Rahman | 108A

Rina Anjarwati | 209A

Indah Dewi Novrinta | 306B

Aninditia Putri | 108B

Reny Rifelina | 308B

Berdi Juliandrie| 312B

Didit Nurdiansyah| 110B

Geviana Payouw | 201A

Sherly |

The discussion towards taking a decision was frankly hard and intense; however, Indonesian Future Leaders excecutive board was really delighted to encounter those fresh and brilliant brains you’ve got! We really hope that all interviewee enjoyed the session on 13-14th February 2010 and managed to make some friends.

Didn’t find yours? Don’t worry, keep your contributing spirit and join us on other opportunities i.e. Children Behind Us (as tutors) , School of Volunteers (as committee), and remember, you can always share and inspire people via cyber-volunteering!

For all of you who made it to the team, you will be informed more through your mobile phone and e-mail. The first meeting will be held on Sunday, February 21st 2010. For you who stay outside Jabodetabek, your membership status will be informed in next 1 week through your e-mail.

See you at the top :)

More info, CP: 08568172997 /

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