D&AD Awards 2011

Deadline:  January 31, 2011


D&AD has celebrated and nurtured outstanding work in design and advertising since 1962.

Yellow Pencils are recognised the world over as a symbol of true creative achievement. Year on year the D&AD Annual showcases the very best work and continues to provide an unrivalled source of creative inspiration.

D&AD is about brilliant commercial creativity, wherever and however it’s produced. Whether you work in Design, Advertising or Digital there is an awards category for your entry.

Our 25 specialist juries mean that the best people in each specific field judge and award the work according to D&AD’s set criteria.

Pencil winners are revealed at the D&AD Awards Ceremony and Dinner, an annual celebration of the best in creativity.

Award Levels

In Book – Best of the year

During the first round, judges vote for the work that will feature in the prestigious D&AD Annual. This selection provides an historical record of great creativity for that year. 
50% or more of the judges need to vote yes for a piece of work to be included.

Nomination – Shortlisted

In the second round, the jury selects work that rises above In-Book standard; this work fulfills the judging criteria and has Pencil-winning potential. Over 50% of judges must vote yes for an entry to be nominated.

Yellow Pencil – Creative Excellence

In the final round, judges select work that is outstanding from the Nominations. Yellow Pencils are awarded for exceptional creative excellence in their discipline within the creative industries. Over 50% of judges must vote yes for an entry to receive a Yellow Pencil.

Black Pencil – Groundbreaking

Work that receives a Yellow Pencil progresses to Black Pencil Judging. Three Black Pencil juries are formed, consisting of the Foreman and one other member of each original jury. Black Pencils are extremely rare; they exist to award those pieces of truly groundbreaking work. Sometimes no Black Pencils are awarded. Over 50% of the relevant jury need to vote yes for work to receive a Black Pencil.

Find out what benefits winning at the D&AD Awards can provide.

How to enter

The D&AD Awards 2011 are now open for entry.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Read the entry & competition rules for information on eligibility, submitting entries and key dates.
  2. Use the category & price finder to choose your categories, see prices and basic format requirements. For further advice on where a piece of work can be entered please contact us.
  3. For more detailed formatting instructions and details of the information to supply with each entry, download our guide to preparing your entries.
  4. Select enter now to create an account and start submitting your entries. You can log in and out of your account at any point without losing what you have saved. A step-by-step guide is available after logging in to take you through this process.

Can’t find the information you’re looking for? Check our frequently asked questions.

For more information: D&AD



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