ACAPELA (Achieving Community and Prosperity by Loving ASEAN)

15 DECEMBER 2010:
Regional Seminar (open for public by reservations)
Searching for ASEAN Identity Amongst Youths: “Challenges and Prospects”
Keynote Speaker:
-Dr. Surin Pitsuwan
-Anies Baswedan, Ph.D
– Djauhari Oratmangun
– Sri Margana, Ph.D
-Dr. Alexander Chandra
(contact: Marella 08562109259)

ASEAN Cultural Festifal (15-17 DECEMBER 2010)

1. ASEAN Games(for High School Students)
computer based games about ASEAN states member culture.
(CP: Inovanti 085640147199)
2. Photo Competitions (for Photographer across ASEAN nations)
theme: ‘MY ASEAN’, this could be the Characterized with iconic things/place in ASEAN countries (example: Jakarta with it’s National Monument)

(CP. Utha 085882867208/

3. ASEAN Bazaar (15-17 DECEMBER 2010)
Food and others arts

4. ASEAN Kompas Corner, (15-17 DECEMBER 2010)
exhibit the collections of media articles produce by the daily Kompas (an Indonesia daily paper), on issues related to ASEAN and its activities.

5. ASEAN Music Night (17 DECEMBER 2010)

Be there!

Sumber : ACAPELA


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