GYCA’s Global Creative Contest

The Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA), a program of TakingItGlobal, is organizing a creative contest for young people (15 to 29 years old) all over the world. The contest is focused on youth perspectives of HIV and AIDS and how this is communicated through creative expression. August 2010 – August 2011 was designated by the UN General Assembly as the International Year of Youth, a time when issues related to young people will be highlighted and prioritized, particularly in the context of the Millennium Development Goals. This key event provides an opportunity to explore themes with youth and capitalize on this focus on young people to bring creative youth voices to the forefront.

GYCA wants to take advantage of this opportunity to highlight issues related to sexual and reproductive health and rights and how they relate to adolescents and young people.

Contest participants can choose to express:
 Why comprehensive sexuality education is important for HIV prevention (CSE)
 How stigma and discrimination affects young people living with HIV (S&D)
 What sexual and reproductive health and rights mean to you (SRHR)

The creative works will be featured on the GYCA website, and may be used in campaigns and documents during the International Year of Youth and beyond, always giving credit to the artists. Winners will be announced on March 1 and a special GYCA newsletter will be distributed showcasing the top-rated submissions.

Join other GYCA members in Activism through Art and visit GYCA’s Global Gallery for more information about Rules, Prices, Eligibility, etc. and how to submit your artwork! You can also download the “How To Submit your Artwork” form and the GCC Postcard, both attached to this email.

Just remember…

-You must be a GYCA member (visit to become a member!); -The deadline to submit your work is *January 30*;

-You can submit up to three pieces of work.

We’re looking forward to seeing your artwork! Please email if you have any questions.

Thanks, and have fun!

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