The 2011 Southeast Asian English Olympics

For 6 times in a row NEO (Nationwide English Olympics) has always brought colors to participants who have joined it. We always care about the development of the nation’s language abilities, especially in English. Our care to the next generation of Indonesia has brought us to gain the trust from “DEPDIKNAS” for the Institution Champion, endorsed by full support from BINUS University, this year the Olympics has been upgraded to be The 2011 Southeast Asian English Olympics (SEO) and it is going to bring the next challenging moment for the participants this year, even more challenging when it will be joined by participants who come from Southeast Asia countries.
In 2011, The Southeast Asian English Olympics has been upgraded with a brand new competition which originally made after a huge request of previous participants of the last two Nationwide English Olympics, Speech Olympic. Even more challenging as last year Olympic successor, Advertising Video which has been upgraded into a Short-Movie Making Olympic. Joined by other four remarkable retained-olympics; Debating, Story Telling, Scrabble and News Casting, The 2011 Southeast Asian English Olympics will surely gather 700 participants from all-over Southeast Asia, hundreds of audience on the spot and millions of eyes as they are witnessing the Olympics this year.

What: The First English Olympics in South East Asia

When: February, 14th – 19th 2011

Where: BINUS University, Anggrek Campus

How many: Over 500 college students, High school students, observers and Affiliates from all over Southeast Asia region

Competition: Six (6) fields of Competitions: Debate, Scrabble, News Casting, Story Telling, Speech, Short Movie Making

Social Event: Book Donating for Orphanage

Featured Events: Tour and Gala Dinner.

Questions, concerns, or comments?
Please do not hesitate to get in touch!
Contact Person:
Edison Sarmin (+6289637095705)
Janet Valentina (+628989039228)
Leonie Lucita (+6283872388023)
Mery Yustina (+6289637095704)

For detail information please visit

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