the 4th National Scientific Paper Competition on Agriculture (NSPCA) and the 2nd IAAS Spirit 2011

the 4th NSPCA 2011

Agriculture today faces the challenge of having to adapt and respond to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ONE-sixth of humanity is Suffering from hunger – the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) ‘s most recent estimates are 105 million more people That were the resource persons Pushed into hunger in 2009, Bringing the total number of hungry to a shameful 1:02 billion. So … it’s a challenge for agriculture to face of climate change. Therefore We Are the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) is a place WHERE agricultural and related sciences students from all over the world meet EACH other, experience new mentalities and Cultures Proudly Present:

the 4th National Scientific Paper Competition on Agriculture (NSPCA)

by theme:

“Climate Change: How agriculture can face it?”


1. Renewable energy

2. Plant production

3. Water and soil conservation

4. Plant protection

5. Biotechnology

6. Social economic

7. Forestry

8. Animal Science

Download publication here.

Download paper guideline here.

the 2nd IAAS Spirit 2011

IAAS Spirit is english competition for High school student and university student. Competitions are:

– Scrabble

– Debate

– Speech

– Story Telling

Questions and information, please e-mail to: ,

Contact Persons:

Lika (085722128790) or Anisa (08989376062) (SMS only)

Follow our twitter : @nspca_spirit2 or @IaasIndonesia

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