8th Youth Camp Initiatives of Change Indonesia

8th Youth Camp Initiatives of Change Indonesia.
(December 16th to 18th 2011)

On “Change, Engage, Answer and Hope*”

Youth Camp is the annual program organised by Initiatives of Change Indonesia. Within tree days camp participants will learn, share and experience the power of inner listening and life’s universal value, therefore they can be a better person to contribute for the world’s betterment.

• Who am I
• Heart of Transformation
• You are Special
• Discovering the other
• Leadership and Team Building
• Open Space Technology
• World Cafe

Friday evening December 16th to 18th 2011

Youth aged from 19 to 30 years old from Indonesia and beyond*

Initiatives of Change Indonesian team

Villa Dinosaurus, Cisarua Puncak


Contact Person:

CLICK HERE —> http://bit.ly/YCrsvp

Further itineraries will be updated soon. Reserve your place by leaving your comment here. Stay tune.

*To be confirmed

Source : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=185108734870450

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7 thoughts on “8th Youth Camp Initiatives of Change Indonesia

  1. Wazeen berkata:

    terima kasih sudah menyebarkan informasi tentang youth camp 🙂 salam kenal dari saya.

  2. Kirei berkata:

    Wah mau join dong saya!

  3. Eva selenia berkata:

    Mau tanya2 ya, hehe, wkt itu udh ngisi form rsvp.nya, tp ketika gath pertama gak ikut, itu gimana tuh nsb saya, harus isi ulang form.nya atau tidak? Tks 🙂

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