Regional Youth Leader Confrence (RYLC) 2011

RYLC2011 stands for the Regional Youth Leader Conference 2011. It is a yearly event organized by BINUS INTERNATIONAL, one of the most prestigious and successful private education institutions in Indonesia. From its humble beginning in 2008, RYLC has served to become a nest for forward-thinking university students and young entrepreneurs who aim high and achieve the greatest they can be. Attracting a diverse alumni of participants from Thailand, Cambodia, China and Indonesia’s distinguished universities, RYLC continues to be an primal event in developing entrepreneurship, gathering an international network and extending themselves through untapped potential and knowledge.

RYLC2010 was a success in achieving greater relations between participants by creating the RYLC Community; an alumni of RYLC participants that continues to grow year by year with every event. This year’s Regional Youth Leader Conference aims to extend this network once more, delivering greater connection between participants for future networking opportunities or business potential.

This year, RYLC welcomes a new creative perspective on business, as the theme “Creativity in every transaction” implies. RYLC2011 will focus on the emerging creative industry, and explore the ways in which creativity is able to accomplish innovation and success in doing business. The four-day conference opens participants to develop their creative juice and collaborate and meet with other passionate young minds.

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