Solo Batik Carnival 2011

Solo Batik Carnival (SBC), one of the largest annual carnival in Central Java. This year, SBC entered the fourth year will carry the theme “AMAZING LEGEND” which will display the legend of the land of Java through Carnival Custom imaging are presented not only displays luxury Solo-style carnival costumes, will also feature choreography combined with the theatrical. So that makes it a captivating performance. SBC will be held in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia on June 25th at 7 pm, at the start of the Solo center point until the Solo City Hall. So come to solo, enjoy Solo Batik Carnival.

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One thought on “Solo Batik Carnival 2011

  1. batik pekalongan berkata:

    as a fellow Indonesian batik lovers … we want to come to that event. and we hope “batik” became even more famous in the world

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