[Revised] Tunza International Children & Youth Conference on the Environment 2011

Theme: Reshaping Our Future Through Agreen Economy And Sustainable Lifestyle

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in collaboration with the Government of Indonesia will be organizing its Tunza International Children & Youth Conference on the Environment , from 26 to 30 September 2011. It will bring together 1400 children and youth, to discuss their role and inputs to the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development ” Rio+20″.

Under the slogan ‘ Reshaping Our future through A Green Economy and Sustainable Lifestyle’. The conference will also review the contribution of youth to the International Year of Forests and how they can adopt more environment-friendly lifestyles. The conference themes are Rio + 20 (Green Economy) / Green Lifestyles, Forests, Sustainable Consumption and State of the Global Environment from the youth perspective.

Eligibility Criteria :

Children Category 

  1. Children applying for the conference must be between the ages of 10-14 years on 30 September 2011.
  2. Only applications from schools and recognized organizations will be considered.
  3. Schools and organizations submitting an application must provide information on their environmental programmes.
  4. All children attending the Conference must be accompanied by a chaperone designated by the school or organization submitting the application and confirmed by a parent or legal guardian.
  5. In addition to submitting this form online, a copy must be signed by the head teacher or head of organization and parent/legal guardian and sent by e-mail to children.youth@unep.org.
  6. Registration :  http://unep.org/tunza/children/events/icc2011/
Youth Category
  • Applicants have to be between 15 to 24 on 30 September 2011
  • Candidates must be nominated by their organizations and must be active members.
  • Only nominations from organizations working on or interested in environmental and sustainable development issues will be considered.
  • Each nomination must have two candidates – one female and one male. But only one of them will be elected
    (Please note that applications will not be considered unless the above is fulfilled).
  • All nominations must reach UNEP on or before 30 JUNE 2011
  • Please NOTE that submitted an application does not mean that you will be selected to participate in the conference. You will be notified if you have been selected or not.
  • Registration: http://unep.org/tunza/youth/conferences_events/tiyc2011/

Nominations must be submitted to UNEP on or before 30 June 2011


For further information on the conference, please contact:

The Children and Youth / Sport and the Environment Unit
Division of Communications and Public Information
Email: children.youth@unep.org
Fax: +254 -20-762 3927

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