15th UNESCO-APEID International Conference Inspiring Education: Creativity and Entrepreneurship

6-8 December 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A simple question raking up memories of childhood dreams, hopes and responsibilities. For many people, it hinges on having an education.

But what kind of education should it be?

The world needs a variety of personalities, imaginations, talents and skills to meet 21st century aspirations and challenges. Education must nurture creativity, stimulate ingenuity, encourage the questioning spirit, and promote strategic thinking. By learning through their multiple intelligences and developing through various pathways for self-discovery and experimentation, childhood dreams and hopes may come true.

Creativity and entrepreneurship are critical elements in this dialogue on cultivating talents and skills. However, the linkages between creativity and entrepreneurship in education have not been fully explored, understood and optimized. Valuable lessons can be learnt from individuals who have successfully applied their creativity and entrepreneurship to benefit society.

This year, UNESCO is convening the 15th UNESCO-APEID International Conference, Inspiring Education: Creativity and Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the World Bank and the Ministry of National Education in Indonesia, to foster discussions on creativity and entrepreneurship, and strengthen their linkages in education and the workplace.

⇒ Download the brochure (pdf, 900kb) and general information note (pdf, 260kb) of the Conference

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