World Youth Festival – “Discover Azerbaijan” 2011

Azerbaijan will welcome 100 young people from all over the world to celebrate 20 Years of Azerbaijan Independence. You will have the chance to discover Azerbaijan – crossroad country of European and Asian cultures, to learn more about Azerbaijani culture, traditions, history, and of course about Ganja city.
Let’s come together in Ganja to write a new story with young people of the world. World Youth Festival “Discover Azerbaijan” offers a unique opportunity to meet and work alongside young people who are motivated to come together and to take action for CHANGE. This event will be the most inspirational festival of its kind for young people taking place in 15-20 October 2011. Here, youth representatives from all over the world will get acquainted with ancient culture of Ganja. They will have a chance to participate in “Nizami Ganjavi Days”, where they will get to know with the works of the great Azerbaijani poet, whose works are translated into different languages and read all over the world. The young people of the world and their governments will come together for a better FUTURE.

Festival Theme

1.  Role of YOUth  in Conflict resolution and Peace building.

Workshops on this topic aim to promote the role of young leaders in peaceful conflict resolution, while engaging in an international dialogue. Globalization and global conflicts are a part of everyday life. By bringing together youth leaders from different countries and cultures, this Festival will contribute to raising awareness of conflict resolution. There will be study sessions focusing on development of creative paths towards peace building.

Young people attending sessions within this theme will get a chance to increase awareness of conflict management and resolution through an intercultural dialogue and in cooperation by bringing together youth more than 100 countries – to prevent intercultural conflicts that are based on stereotypes, through the creation of an atmosphere of mutual understanding and cooperation between these youth leaders from different cultures.

Briefly, Festival will provide study sessions and workshops:

  • To look to Interfaith and Intercultural conflicts / dialogue;
  • To exchange and raise awareness of participants about the different levels where   conflict   can   occur   –   international,   between   groups,   and organizational;
  • To   explore   new   and   creative   tools   needed   to   develop   common understanding for conflict transformation and ways of addressing it;
  • To discuss the conditions under which conflicts arise in multicultural settings;
  • To develop effective methods to address conflict with young people, through fostering YOUTH PARTICIPATION, To discuss issues of conflict within the human rights framework;
  • To facilitate networking between young people from all over the WORLD;
  • To develop new initiatives for and with young people for peace building;


International experience shows that youth policies become more effective when young people are not only the beneficiaries, but also the implementers of development programs. Involvement of youth in programs makes them immediately long-term sustainable, because the next generation are already integrated into the framework. The ability of young people to effectively reach out and communicate with other young people from other countries and societies cannot be over-emphasized. This is where Youth Led Development has a comparative advantage within development programs. Because young people are happy to take their wages, not in cash, but in experience as volunteers, they are inherently cost-effective. Their desire is to help themselves and their communities.

Therefore, workshops and study sessions in this topic aim:

  • To encourage young people to take the action in their community, society and organizations;
  • To get the maximum benefits during the International Year of Youth declared by the United Nations General Assembly; To empower young people to take an active part in the decision-making of local, national and global level;
  • To share prior experience, knowledge and skills with those who have less experience with youth-led projects;
  • To draw on policies for promoting youth employment in countries that have failed due to the lack of commitment from governments and business to respond in a responsible manner to youth unemployment;
  • To find explore additional instruments for better health condition of youth and to achieve behavioral change among young people in terms of prevention of HIV / AIDS and risky behaviors among young people;
  • To bring together young people with experience and professional background in environmental activities field.

3.  Art, Sport and Culture.

Young people are the ones to celebrate global culture in blue jeans and with rave parties; they are the ones who have climbed the Berlin Wall first. They study abroad or emigrate; they carry different cultural features with them in all over the world. Modern culture emphasizes accelerated speed, strong feelings and immediate results, presenting the world rather as a series of intensive events without continuity. This emotional overdose contrasts with the need for rational explanations. Intercultural learning is about a constant and slow learning process, full of ruptures. It involves both reason and feelings and their relevance for life. Workshops and study-sessions in this topic aim:

  • To promote Art, Sport and Culture as a bridging tool for global information gap;
  • To draw attention to effective role of Art, Sport and Culture for intercultural dialogue;
  • To reflect on needs for reforms in sports management and governance to make it dynamic, responsive, and result-oriented in developing countries;
  • To encourage youth travel in order to discover historical, cultural, and touristic places and art in “less popular” countries;


During a day trip to different regions of Azerbaijan participants will get a chance to discover.

Profile of Participants.

Are you ready to meet young leaders from around the world? Would you like to celebrate 20th Anniversary of Independent Azerbaijan with Over 100 of the most active young people from different countries?

Participants of World Youth Festival – “Discover Azerbaijan” will be young people from different backgrounds with different experiences.  They will represent 4 main categories:

Youth Activists / Youth Workers.

Youth activists are people who are actively take part in positive change within their communities around the world through their projects, trainings, peer-to-peer teaching initiatives and social enterprises.

Youth Professionals.

Young people involved in professional careers or leading their own social enterprises non and for-profit businesses. They are expected to share their valuable practical experience and discuss how we can make business work for people and the planet.

Youth Artists, Musicians and young people interested in art.

Young people interested in art are those who seek to create new and powerful tools to tackle global issues through their art. They are painters, dancers, sculptures, actors, musicians, etc and are all coming to share their important experiences.

Young Media Partners.

Young Media representatives will help us to deliver the key messages of the World Youth Festival. We encourage Young Media Partners, Print, radio, TV and online news papers companies, international press groups and agencies, who are ready to present young people in a positive light – who feel that youth are not just citizens-in-waiting, but people who can actually contribute now in constructive ways to community, national and global improvement.

NOTE: The Festival aims to provide participants with sessions and workshops recommended for each of those categories. However, all sessions and workshops are open and suitable for ALL delegates.

All participants should meet the following requirements:

  • To represent one of the above mentioned profiles;
  • To be aged between 18 and 29;
  • To be able to spread and apply the outcomes of the World Youth Festival to his/her own organisation and community;
  • To be willing to actively contribute to the workshops, discussions and committed to take part in the whole duration of the World Youth Festival – “Discover Azerbaijan”.
  • To be able to travel to Azerbaijan, Baku
for more information and regritation visit
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