Global Festival 2011: The ASEAN Festival!

Global Festival 2011: The ASEAN Festival!

Our motivation
International Relations Student Association (IRSA) Universitas Indonesia decided to hold the event Global Festival 2011 and takes on its role of spreading international values to society around to spread the values of ASEAN. We are then proud to present you Global Festival 2011: The ASEAN Festival! ASEAN’s Heritage for ASEAN’s Future, Know your country, know your community, know ASEAN!
When and Where
November 29th  2011 – December 1st 2001, 09:00 – 17:00
Kompleks FISIP Univesitas Indonesia
·         ASEAN Village
Bringing a mini-ASEAN as one-pitstop of information as well as festivity festivals pooled with culinaries, fashion, tourism, culture and many more.
·         ASEAN Seminars
Packaged in a three-days seminar alongside with pool of A-list academician, practitioner, and also public figures aimed at giving the richest knowledge of ASEAN Community.
·         Art Performances and Parade
Presented in a flaunt of traditional dances and parade in a timely manner during all event series.
·         Photography and Article Writing Competition
Recording their ASEAN-experience in either words or images. This thrilling competition is open for all active university students.
For more infos on how to participate, click or email us at
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